Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rules Update

So with the updates I have been doing to the rules, I wanted to run a few playtest games before releasing the rules, I ran through a few small games with the new painted French Battalion...they look too good to not see action right away :)

The major change in the game is that units are based off number of Stands rather than number of models. Each stand has a FRS (Fire Resolution Strength) and a MRS, no, not a ball and chain...but Melee Resolution Strength. Each unit has 3 FRS values and one MRS value. FRS is broken into Long Range, Effective Range and Close Range. With the way massed musket fire worked, the closer you get to a battalion the higher chance they had of hitting and killing.

Just as an example, a Normal French Line infantry unit will be made of 4-10 Companies. Each stand represents a company as a stand is 6 figures at 1:20 Ratio this means that a stand represents roughly 120 men, a decent strength company. A traditional French Battalion would have 4-8 Fusilier Companies and also had 1 grenadier company and 1 Voltigieur company. The French and a few other countries liked to attach Light artillery guns, man portable guns, to the battalion as well. With the Battalion command, a normal battalion would have 4 Fusilier stands and the option to add a Grenadier, Voltiguer (whole or half company) and a Light Artillery gun.

As an example of the new game play, a Fusilier stand may only get 1 die at effective range where a Voltigiuer would get 1.5 (with rules on how to resolve the .5 explained in the rules)Grenadiers would also only get 1. However in Close combat, a Fusilier stand may get 1 die where the voltigiuer would get .5 and the grenadiers would get two.

Long story short: Line infantry are vanilla, Light companies can shoot better but dont fair as well in melee. Grenadiers are normal for shooting but excel in melee.

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