Saturday, June 30, 2012

Full French Battalion Completed!

Well, as promised, I slaved all weekend and produced a full French Battalion. All in all, it took me 26 hours in all from Package to prime to painted and pictured.

I modeled it so that the unit with 4 fusilier companies, 1 Grenadier company, 1 voltiguer company (broken into two small bases so as the be able to be stripped out for Battalion or Brigade Skirmish screen) and Battalion Command. The result is a Battalion of 42 men (only 36 of which were painted this weekend).

So, without any further ado, here they are for your viewing pleasure.

The full battalion in Attack Column, ready to Press home the attack, the Grenadiers leading the way, just the way Nappy would have wanted it.

Another angle of the column to show the full composition of the unit. Grenadiers next to the Battalion Command, Voltigieurs in the second rank, Fusiliers bring up the rear.

 The other angle.

Close up of the Command

 For the Fusilier Companies I chose to go with a mix and match type look, giving the unit a bit more of a mid to late war look to be used in the Peninsula as well as against the Tzar!

Reverse angle from above

Ah, the line officer, again he was one of my more enjoyable paints because it is such a clean model.

Front view of the officer

Battalion Command avec Tambour, Clarion et le garde du couleur avec estandarte.

more frontal view of the unit.

My Brave Grenadiers!

 The Voltigiuers. Quite a colorful bunch, gives the unit some fire power and makes them nice and colorful at the same time!

The full Battalion deployed in line. Grenadiers to the extreme right of the line, Voltigiuers just to their left, 4 companies of Fusilier with the Battalion command holding the extreme left flank.

Well, there you have it, the product of roughly 3/4 of an hour per model over two days with my cousin lending me a HUGE hand for 8 hours of the painting. Hope you lot enjoy it!

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