Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Modeling Progress

This weekend was very productive, I have been working feverishly on my Highland infantry. I found out that the unit I am making is about 6 figures too large for what the unit ever was, but thats okay...I have 30 42nd Black Watch infantry on the block.

Last weekend I got the flesh painted on faces and hands, shouldn't have been too difficult, but last weekend was busy. This weekend, though,  I was able to get the collars and facings done, got the base coat for the jackets and kilts and have put the white belts, socks and hat bands on all of the troops. The rough part is still to come.

Right now I am working on getting cartridge boxes, hat plumes, haversacks and guns done. On 30 guys, this is no small project, but it needs to be done quickly as this next weekend will be a blitz to get a good chunk of French done.

The minis are really coming together, although I fear that at 15mm Kilts, argyle socks and hat bands will be a definite chore...Magnifying glass here I come! Those details will wait though...far too time consuming for the project I have coming up...

I will upload pictures as I can.

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