Modeling Progress

Here is the latest unit I have made - Simple 30 man French Line  I painted the bases blue to keep them distinct from other units. I am painting the bases of my French infantry blue, my British Infantry Red, Spanish - Yellow, Portuguese - White, Russians - Green, Prussians - Black, Austrians - Brown.

I chose not to go with a static looking pose, all the rear lines are posed a little differently to give the unit a feeling of motion and fluidity, making them feel more dynamic rather than static. The front rank is all presenting arms while the rear rank is in varying stages of march, re-loading or getting ready to present arms.
Here is a close up of the command stand with the line Colonel, Standard bearer. In the rear rank I have the Horn plus two other figures to fill out the ranks. Note the drum head...I like that little detail, the figures are really well cast so I try to make them as detailed as 15mm figures will allow :)
Here is the line officer with gorget and sword. This pose makes for an easy paint and including him in the line gives the line a really nice feel, the Colonel in the Command stand and a line Captain mixed in makes the line look well lead. The dramatic pose really illustrates the beauty of the uniform of the age.
And here is the full line - Ready to cut down the foes of the Emperor! Vive l'empereur

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  1. So this weekend was pretty fruitful, I got a battalion of Highland Infantry on the nails (I glue the minis to the head of a nail and paint them on the nail, then remove them when they are done and glue them to the base) as well as a battery of British artillery. I hope to be able to get the highlanders done in about two weeks, they are going to be tough to get done quicker than that though...the tartan on the kilt and the red/white checker pattern on the socks and caps...they are going to look beautiful, but they are going to be a pain in my posterior to get done. The artillery is going to be much easier. Artillery are just grey pants - I primed them in grey anyway - so it is just blue jackets, red cuffs, much like a french uniform. they have a red stripe down the side of the leg on the pants that is kind of cool and gold tassels on the jackets.

    Once I get the arty done I am going to start a French foreign service unit - Swiss Foot infantry. their have such beautiful uniforms. They have red coats with yellow chest, cuffs and collars, white pants and belts...I just think the colors are really bright and awesome. The next unit after them will be either British Light infantry or Rifles, or Italian Line infantry (again, Italian troops in french employ) their uniforms were all white with red chest, facings and collars and green epaulets with white belts...This period is just so much fun to paint since there are so many uniforms that are present in one army. The french used so many troops from other countries.

    I am really getting on a roll with this stuff. I am finding that the French troops paint much faster than the British. I dont know why, maybe I think the British uniforms are boring...and they are compared to other countries, but hey they all need to get done. I'll keep everyone updated on progress on my blog. I will take some pictures tonight of what I am doing.