Battle Reports

This page is dedicated to Battle reports from games played. As I go building and painting up my force, increasing the size of the games I will post pictures of the skirmishes until I am able to post full battles. Feel free to comment and post pictures of your own!


  1. So I ran though the rules for the first play test. They seem really smooth - says the man who wrote them :) I did a small Battalion on Battalion action of 30 man French line against 30 man British line. Lets just say it didn't go well for the French

    The engagement started poorly for the Brits, the Frogs got the initiative all three turns that were played and they out shot the Brits. The french caused 8 casualties in the 3 rounds of shooting causing the Brits to have to take a morale test which they passed. the Brits caused 5 casualties in the three turns of shooting.

    The French decided to assault and they went in strong, the Brits though stood their ground and pushed them back causing 4 casualties to the french's 2.

    The Brits took the initiative and marched into assault range on the unformed french line - the assault was a huge success, the Frogs failed to receive the assault and retreated - failed to rally the next turn and fled the field.

    I am really stoked to get some large games going. the rules seem to play well for infantry battles. I'll see what I think once I get some Cavalry and Artillery painted up.

    More to come as I get more units painted and ready to roll!

  2. I ran a skirmish yesterday with my minis...I had the full french line (4 fusilier stands, 1 Grenadiers, 2 voltigiuer and 1 light gun) against the british Battalion of 4 Center companies and the Battalion command. I also had a French Royalist battalion (the left over stands of french infantry from the first battalion I painted) made up of 2 fusilier stands and the battalion command.

    In game 1, the Allied British were rolling HORRIBLY and ran right off the table - the French had a really great first round of shooting, the artillery caused 2 wounds at long range and the skirmishers caused 4 more! killed one stand outright...and the unit rolled a 3 on their morale check...needing a 7 with a -3 for casualties they disengaged and failed to rally, the Brigadier attached and rolled another 3, the unit ran off the table. The 3 stand Royalist unit didnt stand a chance and were shot up and ran.

    Game two went differently...the french advanced too far and got shot the hell out of them while in attack column...the gun couldnt hit anything to save its life. Rounds were falling on target, but could not cause any casualties. to top it all off, once the French deployed to line, couldnt hit anything. The skirmishers got assaulted by the British Line and evaded - so they were safe - but the assaults didnt go too well. the british assaulted the skirmishers and became disorganized as all units that charge or assault automatically do - the french line assaulted and did some serious damage - causing 4 casualties to the British's 2. Both units failed their morale - the british and french both disengaged, the French royalists shot into the fleeing crowd, both units rallied the next turn and went for round 2. the british came back and poured a hot volley into the re-formed french line scoring 6 casualties. In the next two rounds of shooting, the Royalits, rated as reserves...were less effective and didnt do much except get shot up. The French line withered and ran...the fire was too to use my canister fire from the light gun...wasted of powder though...not a single round hit. The french fled the field, after having dealt the british a crippling blow...the british had 5 stands to start the battle and ended the battle with a 2 full stands and 4 casualties on the third. The french royalists lost 1 stand of their 3. the french line lost 2 stands out of 6 (not counting the 2 small stands of skirmishers of which another one was lost). The battalion fled though and would have counted as destroyed for Victory Point resolution.