Monday, July 9, 2012

Next on the Chopping Block?

So I thought I would take inventory and see what you would like to see painted up next. I have nails open to start my next project and am going to have time tonight to get something done.

The options are:

1) Artillery unit with 3 light guns, 2 heavy guns and 1 howitzer with 24 crew

2) Cavalry unit: 16 Cuirassier Heavy Cavalry, 16 Hussar Light Cavalry or 16 Dragoon Heavy Cavalry.

3) Light Infantry unit: 24 Chasseurs Light infantry.

4) Line Infantry unit: 42 Line infantry - If this is the predominant choice, I will most likely paint them up as Swiss or Bavarian Line just to give myself something fun as the last unit I painted was French Fusiliers.

5) Grenadier Battalion: 36 grenadiers.

All units will be french, as they are the army I am trying to get done first. I am game for anything, Its just nice to paint up something that someone will want to see :)

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