Tuesday, July 24, 2012


So, since my last blitz of painting I have been slowly but steadily working on my Light infantry Battalion.

The full battalion is going to be 36 figures to make a full battalion - 1 company Carabiniers, 1 company Voltigeurs and 4 companies of Chasseurs.

Here are the most recent pictures after last nights additions.

Here is the traditional way I paint my minis. I glue them to the head of a nail with PVA glue and then prime them. The nail gives me a really easy handle to turn the mini any way I need to without fearing that it will stick too hard to the nail...PVA is pretty easy to pop off the nail :)

Also, notice the carnage in the background...my 6 month old son is still trying to learn the fine motor function required to pick up cheerios and other cereal...emphasis placed on the trying part!

Here is a close up of the Carabiniers. Last night I worked on adding Red and brown to the models, I got the plumes, epaulets collars and the sleeve turn back. The brown was applied to the packs, guns and scabbards (I am alternating black and brown scabbards per unit) 

Also seen in this picture are the scantily painted Voltigeurs, red only being applied to the sleeve turn backs and the pom-poms. Brown was also applied to these models. 

Here is another shot of the same group. 6 grenadiers, 6 voltiguers and 24 chasseurs...progress moves slowly, but each additional color makes the models pop with added life!

Here is a close up of the Chasseurs. I love the minis from Old Glory 15s Battle honors line...they are really well done and offer some nice models in a variety of poses. It really makes a unit come to life when the models look like they are moving. For a unit like the Chasseurs that were constantly running around, being sent out to the Skirmish lines and back to the battalion, it makes it nice to see the figures in moving poses. 

Here is a close up of the Battalion commander as he is currently, nice full beard...we'll see if he keeps it :) 

So there you have it. Slow progress, but thats what you get for an hour of painting with a screaming flayling child throwing cereal at you. I am pretty happy with them so far. The great thing about 15mm is that the scale hides a TON of sins. The devil is really in the details of the straps and belts and all. these minis are pretty easy that way, once painted up they look a ton better and look like I have spent eons of time on each one...thats the beauty of colored primer and ink washes :)

More pictures to come as I make progress!

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  1. I finished up the brown on my battalion last night. Next? On the to the metal and black! I should able to get that done and get new pictures updated tomorrow.