Monday, July 23, 2012

Small action Battle Report

This weekend I got to try out my "City Fight" small engagement rules...and the game was AWESOME

It didnt turn out the way I had hoped...I was playing solo, but hoping the French would win.

The French had:
1 Company Grenadiers (one stand)
1 company Voltigeurs (2 small stands)
9 companies Fusiliers (one stand each)
1 gun of Light Artillery (one stand)

The British had
5 stands of line (10 companies)
2 stands of Rifles (2 companies)
1 Stand of Brigadier General Staff
2 stands Light Dragoons

The British were set up to defend a Farm house. The house had a wooden fence around the perimeter and then had a stone wall around the courtyard with an orchard on the right flank of the house.

The French lined up with 3 line companies to each section, one to the right, one in the center and one on the left. The Group on the right had the grenadiers with them. Group Center had the Cannon and group left had the Voltigeurs.

The french sat and pounded the brits with the cannon for a few turns as the infantry got into position, but did nothing as the British were in cover behind the fence.

The General advance was sounded and the french began the assault. Along the right flank they formed into columns with the grenadiers leading the way through the orchard.

In the center they advanced through the open field as the British Rifles took Pot shots at them.

The left flank advanced in line with the Voltigeurs out in front.

The right met very little resistance through the orchard as the British troops were not in range and were too under-strength in the other parts of the line to reinforce the flank defense. The Center moved up and let out a volley at long range and did some small damage. The left moved up and the voltigeurs opened up on a company causing 3 kills (on a stand of 6) The the company ran toward the farm house.

The right pushed through the orchard and was met by a company in cover, causing a few casualties to the fusiliers. The Center marched to effective range and traded rounds with the line and rifles, but as the brits were in cover and the French were in the open, the day went poorly and 2 of the 3 companies ran.

The left flank marched up to the fence and the voltigeurs hopped it and poured lead into the rear of the British in the front line. The Brits held their ground and poured murderous fire into the left flank killing a company and sending another running. The volrigerus continued harrassing the brits and the British unit that ran was rallied and entered the farm house on the right flank.

The company in the farm house opened up on the Grenadiers at close range and scored 2 critical hits...making the company fail their Morale test and run.

The Supporting battalion in the courtyard opened up on the other Fusilier company, they missed all shots and followed up with an assault that caused french company to flee. The other two battalions on that flank also took murderous fire from the farm house and the courtyard causing them to run before they crossed the wooden fence.

In the center the french came over the fence and killed a British company of line and a company of Rifles. The left held as the french companies were either killed or ran due to intense fire. The voltigeurs were flanked by reinforcing dragoons and both stands were destroyed.

With the cavalry reinforcements and the center and right flank in retreat, the left flank felt it better to retreat than to press the attack and be destroyed.

The British held the farm.

After totaling everything and applying some house rules to casualties I found that the French ended up taking 76% casualties - Killed or wounded. the British took 55% and held the field. overall, an impressive feat of defense considering the odds.

The most impressive bit of the day? I was in the middle of the game when My wife came home from babysitting and she said "Next time you play I would like to give it a looks like fun. If it is totally boring nothing lost, but it looks fun. I would like to give it a shot."

So...the brits won the day and my wife wants to give it a try...not a bad turn of events :)

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