Saturday, July 28, 2012

Second Battle of Farm House

After the first Battle of Farm House a few weekends ago, I wanted to re-fight it with the french in defense and with increased numbers to see how it would work out. The result was a fun, albeit quick game resulting in an astounding victory of the attacking British. 

The british came with a little more enthusiasm and troops than last battle, having a battalion of Line and a battalion of Scottish Highlanders. They also had 4 companies of the 60th Regiment of Foot Rifles and 2 squadrons of Light Dragoon Cavalry held in reserve (no need to commit them unless things go poorly) A 6 gun light battery was assigned to the Brigade to support the advancing infantry. 

The French had 2 full battalions of Line infantry, each having 1 1/2 company of Voltigeurs and the Grenadiers being attached to the Brigade command. The farm house was also defended by one light gun at the outer defenses. 

The French deployed with both battalions in open order along the wooden fence with the artillery in the center and the grenadiers in support.

The British deployed with the Highlanders in March Column (foreground) with the rifles in open order screening the advance. The Line battalion entered in March column with their light company depolyed in skirmish order as well. The artillery were placed on the British Right flank to provide direct fire on the french in front of them as well as enfilade fire against those units along the British left flank. 

The Rifles advance and open up on the french 2nd Battalion

Even at long range, the rifles  score 2 hits

Already looking down for the french!

The French descide to advance on the rifles with the hope of routing them before the Highlanders are able to deploy. They hop the fence and make a dash toward the outcropping of trees

In like fashion the 1st battalion on the British Right advance to the outer fence to lay down fire on the advancing column.

Voltigeurs and the Cannon open up on the rifles, no hits.

A look across the field from the cannons toward the French 1st Battalion. The battery opens up and fires on the french at Effective range. The guns were well sighted and of the 6 shots they fire score 4 wounds.  

 A look through the trees as the British shells bounce through the French 2nd Battalion in the outer defenses.

The British 60th Rifles are the heroes of the day. This was their first round of shooting. The unit advanced into the trees before the french could and then laid down murderous fire. The 4 stands of rifles opened up at effective range. Notice the triple 6? yeah...Critical casualty on the French 1st Battalion. The secondary roll on the Critical chart scored a Wound on the Battalions Colonel.

A sniper's view as the rifles skirmish with the French Battalion.

View from the French 1st Battalion as the orchard erupts in clouds of smoke as hot lead is poured into the unit.

The fire was too hot and the Battalion, having lost their colonel, ran toward the farm house.  In the French turn, the Brigadier General rallied and reformed the men. They advanced back to the fence line.

The French returned fire and killed the Highlander Light company that had attached to the Rifles. The Rifles fired another volley, and killed another 2 stands! they scored 8 hits with 8 rolls! again, the rifles showing their keen eyes paid off.

Clearly, the British Light Companies were not the place to be during this battle as the French 2nd Battalion opens up on the British Line's Light company in Skirmish. The French have some great shots and kill the whole company where they stood...and at long range too! Things are starting to look up for the french!

The Line Battalion deployed into line formation and advances.

While the artillery opens up a world of hurt on the French line. They fire another volley and cause another 3 casualties, finishing off the stand that they had hit in the previous round.

The French battalion fires on the British in line and cause 2 casualties.

The Rifles advance and fire as the cavalry round the flank. The Highland battalion forms line and advances, thought the deployment is only for show...the left flank had completely collapsed by this time as the 1st battalion had all but been destroyed, leaving only the Battalion command and the partially destroyed voltigeurs. Not a good day for the french. On the other side of the field, the British line battalion advances and pours more fire into the already wavering 2nd battalion. The French General has steel resolve though and decides to keep fighting.

The Rifles pour more heat into what remains of the first battalion, now so reduced in number that they can occupy the farm house.

The Highlanders, completely untouched, advance on the french battery. The guns stay silent.

The final shots are fired as the french and british trade shots back and forth.

Smoke filled fields. The French try disparately to push the British back, though the british keep firing as long as the french stay on the field.

The French Brigadier looks on in horror as his brigade withers under the intense British volleys.

The Grenadiers are sent to support the wavering 2nd Battalion.

A final look from the farm house as the French general realizes he can no longer hold his position against the British onslaught.

The Day ended in a Total victory for the British. Unit of the day award goes to the Rifles, who single handedly destroyed the French 1st Battalion Killing 340 and wounding 180 of 660 men.

The French deployed 1320 men and 2 guns. A total of 580 were KIA with 280 wounded including a Battalion Colonel.
The British deployed 1560 men, 120 Cavalry and 6 guns. 120 were KIA with an additional 80 wounded.

A SMASHING victory to the British.

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  1. Alot of detail to take in! I need to finish reading the rules and then re-read the Batrep. That is what I plan to do today.